How Much Does A Drum Set Cost: Things To Be Aware Of [2022]

By JohnPascuzzi

Whether you want a very basic or a very high-end drum kit, a drum set can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000. However, the typical price range for a complete, high-quality drum set is $600-$1000.

A drum set costs a lot because it has many different parts. Not only are the drums included in the price, but also the cymbals supports for the cymbals, bass drum pedal, and drum stool.

Drums may get pricey. The good news is that there are incredible items available to fit various budgets, and entry-level drum sets have a pretty high degree of quality.

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the cost of a drum kit and how much you can anticipate paying for drumming gear in general.

Understanding The Difference Between Drum Sets For Beginners To Intermediates To Professionals.

Understanding The Difference Between Drum Sets For Beginners To Intermediates To Professionals.
Understanding The Difference Between Drum Sets For Beginners To Intermediates To Professionals.

Drummers just starting are the target audience for beginner drum sets. They are good, with everything you need to assemble and begin using. They offer a conventional setup that is simple to play and tune. You can learn to play the drums with the help of the hardware and cymbals found in a beginner’s drum set. Since you will desire better quality drums once you are no longer a novice, starter kits are only meant to be used temporarily.

The tone of intermediate kits is superior to that of beginner kits. They are typically constructed from better quality wood, like maple or birch. Intermediate kits are sold in shell packs without hardware or cymbals. Intermediate kits are ideal for performing live shows or making recordings in studios. They will sound amazing and last you a very long time if they are equipped with excellent drumheads.

The build quality of professional kits is superior to that of beginner and intermediate kits. The drums sound and look excellent because of how they are constructed and held together. They will be more adaptable and stay in tune for longer. For many years after purchasing a professional kit, you will not need to purchase another drum set.

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Junior Drum Kits

Junior drum kits can range in price from an absurdly low $250 to an affordable $250 and above. You can pay $97 for the incredibly cheap kit if you are not sure you want to play the drums.

If you want to give your junior a chance to study percussion, you should consider investing in a junior Ludwig kit. The 16″ kick, 10″ rack tom, 13″ floor tom, and 12″ snare on the LC178X set cost slightly under $250.

Cymbals and fairly robust hardware are included. It sounds good, is ready to use right out of the box, and will inspire the little rascal more than a set of Pringles tubes, coffee cans, and Quaker Oats canisters.

Intermediate And Professional Kits

Intermediate And Professional Kits
Intermediate And Professional Kits

When you are ready to progress beyond the entry-level beginner kit and toward a drum set you can use to perform or record, you should consider an advanced or professional drum set.

A typical drum set will consist of an 18″–22″ kick drum, a 14”–18” floor tom, one or two mounted toms (these can range in size from 10”–14”), and a 12” snare drum for the majority of these uses. On most intermediate or professional level kits, a hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal are typical.

However, one of the most incredible things about being a drummer is that your drum kit is just like you! You might be like Alex Van Halen and want a kit the size of Manhattan, or you might be a Charlie Watts minimalist who only needs a three-or four-piece suitcase-style kit.

Whatever option you select, you can anticipate paying between $500 and $850 for a Tama or Pearl entry-level kit. At that price, you might feel at ease performing at church services, small-to-medium-sized venues, or on the weekends. You might want to spend $1,500 or more on a more professional drum kit.

Regardless of the kit, you select at this level, you will undoubtedly want to keep upgrading your cymbals and equipment. The kit’s stock hardware is primarily used. However, this crucial element is one of the critical spots for customization.

Is Drum Hardware Expensive?

No, and yes. Again, the critical point is that the gear you need will be as specific as the music you listen to. You will undoubtedly need a solid hi-hat stand, a dependable kick pedal (single or double), cymbal stands or a rack arrangement, and a comfortable throne because, after all, being king is good.

Gibraltar offers some pretty reliable hardware at affordable prices for the player who is only moderately frugal. Smaller parts like clamps and keys typically cost under $20, whereas major elements like stands and kick pedals typically cost between $50 and $100. Of course, the primary producers mentioned above will also have reasonably priced hardware and comparable quality to the kits they sell.

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Are Cymbals Expensive, Too?

Indeed, they can be. Zildjian offers incredible hand-hammered brilliance for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, you can also get more cost-effective options from those legendary Turkish masters and other top brands like Paiste and Sabian.

A quality set should cost around $200. The 16″ crash cymbals start at around $100, while an 18″ or larger ride cymbal will cost you a bit more. You can purchase splash cymbals for as little as $30.

How Much Does A Good Electronic Drum Set Cost?

How Much Does A Good Electronic Drum Set Cost
How Much Does A Good Electronic Drum Set Cost

An entry-level V-Drum kit costs about $500, but more advanced and professional systems cost $1,500. However, not all kits are created equal, so we have developed a comprehensive article on the top electronic drum kits on the market.

In addition to the volume control, the benefits include a wide selection of actual samples and kits, improving sensor technology, and rebound surfaces.

How Much Does A Good Electronic Drum Pad Cost?

Electronic drum pads are similar to electronic kits in that they play electronic sounds with an integrated drum module. Some people can even use kick and hi-hat pedals. Typically, this equipment costs between $250 and $800.

Alternatives To Drum Sets

The Aerodrome air-drumming device is another incredibly intriguing alternative for drummers of all ability levels. It is a motion capture technology that enables you to pound the air with your drumsticks without hitting anything else.

This could be a terrific method for beginners to turn their passion for tapping on the desk into actual music. Drummers who are used to playing, you know, drums will probably need to modify their playing approach to make the tracking work. It certainly does not harm much to try it at $189.

Finding the ideal drum kit at the right price does not have to scare you away, regardless of your spending limit. However, flaky guitarists, haughty lead singers, geeky keyboardists, and odd bass players are an entirely different matter.

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What Is A Fair Price For A Drum Set?

Even though a drum set may appear to be an expensive investment, you must remember that you get what you pay for. Your drum set and cymbals will last a very long time if you take proper care of them.

Anything incredibly cheap will be a toy and not suitable for use as a musical instrument!

Start your drumming career with a high-quality beginner drum set, like the best-selling Pearl Export or the Pearl Roadshow, and look to upgrade later if you so desire.

Things To Be Aware Of

Things To Be Aware Of
Things To Be Aware Of

Do not just buy the top-rated item on Amazon. Because they are so inexpensive, this might be very alluring. There you go if you want to see how much fun playing the drums on a subpar set can be.

You should only purchase used drum sets if you are knowledgeable about them. Used drum kits frequently offer great value for the money. Unfortunately, not every merchant discloses or treats such flaws transparently. Take someone knowledgeable about this subject with you if you are not.

Tuning has a significant impact. When not appropriately tuned, even a costly kit can sound awful. Similar to how a more affordable kit may sound fantastic with proper tuning.

You might need to purchase additional items. This is true when purchasing a brand-new drum set, which is significant for beginners who have never owned a drum set. Therefore, be sure to also purchase a drum stool, some sticks, and a good set of earplugs.

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As seen from the reviews above, everyone can find a drum kit. If you are starting, get a starter drum set. Get an intermediate kit if you are an excellent drummer but only play for fun. In addition to working in casual settings, intermediate kits are excellent for gigging drummers on a budget. Get a professional kit to spend money on the best product and sound.

Drums come in a wide variety of brands, each with its distinctive features. You get to decide what brand of drum kit you wish to purchase.

One of the most delicate things in the world is playing the drums. It could be a lucrative job or a cheap hobby. Everyone can find a drum kit somewhere. Get yourself one now.

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