How do Electronic Drums Work? [So Easy To Learn And Play]

By JohnPascuzzi

Nowadays, life is getting more and more advanced. In addition to the daily quality requirements, the enjoyment and pursuit of passion are also of great concern. Which, many people participate in learning to play drums, especially electronic drums. Electronic drums are considered the easiest drums to learn and play. In this article, we will share How do Electronic Drums Work for you to have a fresh look.

What is an electronic drum?

What is an electronic drum
What is an electronic drum

Other names are electric drums, digital drums, or electronic percussion. Electronic drums are on the list of modern electronic musical instruments. An electric drum kit is composed of two basic components: a sensor for sound activation (played with a drum stick or by hand) and an electronic sound module.

Electronic drums have customizable sensor pads that can increase or decrease sensitivity. Electric drums usually have a sound module, which is capable of signal processing, tuning, and setting control of the drum kit.

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Summary of famous electronic drum brands on the market today

#1. Roland Electronic Drums

This is a special genre of synthesizer or sampler. They function as acoustic drum kits allowing players to change the sound of the drums with the quick push of a button. Therefore, players can practice as many different genres as they like.

In addition, Roland’s electric drum sets produce very little noise when playing. This is a big concern when players play music on conventional drums.

#2. Yamaha Electronic Drums

Yamaha Electronic Drums
Yamaha Electronic Drums

Yamaha has been manufacturing drums for over 45 years. Known as a compact, modern drum set, Yamaha electronic drum sets come in many different types. Yamaha electric drums integrate a variety of voices from around the world. This helps players have more excitement when experimenting with many different genres of music. Yamaha produces a variety of electric drum products of different sizes to help players have many options.

With some types of electric drums belonging to Yamaha, players can easily choose for themselves a satisfactory drum sound from the collection of more than 1000 drum sounds of all kinds of Yamaha Drum electric. This helps players have a perfect mix and show their qualities.

#3. Electronic Drum Medeli

Medeli – is a brand that designs and manufactures famous electronic musical instruments from Hong Kong. This brand launched the first drum set in 2002 with a professional production team. The Medeli brand of electronic musical instruments has won many prestigious awards in the production and design of electronic musical instruments.

Medeli electronic drums have many advantages that need to be mentioned such as:

– Standard, authentic sound conquers listeners.

– Integrated with many modern features, diverse connectivity, and easy to connect with smart devices.

– Integrating many features to support players, making it easy for players to practice, record as well as listen to their performances.

– With a lot of different designs and models.

– There is a full range of categories with many prices, making it easy for players to choose a product they like.

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The difference between mechanical drums and electronic drums

The difference between mechanical drums and electronic drums
The difference between mechanical drums and electronic drums

– Ability to change the drum sound: an electric drum set usually has the sound of more than 50 different types of drums. This means that when you buy an electric drum, it’s like you own 50 different types of drums because of the modern ability to change and adjust the electric drum.

– Change the volume: the only thing stopping people from practicing drumming is probably the sound. If you don’t have a private room and soundproofing, perhaps learning to play the drums will become a nightmare for your family and neighbors.

– Connectivity: if you’re a producer or you simply want to connect your drum kit to a recording device. Learn drums through computer software and apps – Electronic drums will be a great choice for you.

– Sound expandability: For electric drums, you can easily expand the sound of the drums, by connecting to the speaker system via the jack wire easily.

Advantages of using electronic drums

– Convenient design: One of the advantages that electronic drums bring to players is the flexible design that can be practiced in any space.

– Flexible sound switching: Drum kits often integrate a variety of drums. According to the user’s request, the sound can be transformed harmoniously, responding to a variety of music genres.

– Convenient to use anywhere: With a certain amount of static that each type of electric drum brings, players, can play and practice anywhere.

– Improve your skills: If you are a beginner who wants to practice with drums, the electric drum is a great tool for you to practice.

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How do the electric drums work?

#1. A simple way of working

A simple way of working
A simple way of working

Electric drums are also known as electronic drums or digital drums. The way drums work is pretty easy. You only need to supply power to the drum to be able to perform the beats at your disposal. Electrical signals are transmitted via a cable to a module or digital component producing a characteristic sound.

#2. How does the electric drum work?

This is both a major advantage and a disadvantage of electric drums. Because of the drum’s dependence on electricity, without electricity, it is impossible to use the drum.

#3. Easy to use

With the help of the accompanying tools, especially the combination of many drum kits, the electronic drum kit can easily transform the sound.

The electric drum has a very precise recording function. The music you play will be recorded. After you’re done, you can easily listen to the song you just made. From there, you will discover mistakes, and quickly correct them to help to learn drums progress faster.

#4. Compact and easy to move

Electric drums have a fairly compact structure, some drum sets even have the ability to fold up easily after use. Therefore, drums work very well in small spaces, suitable for many different spaces. Therefore, players do not need to spend time searching for a large playing position or worrying about the entanglement of this drum.

With this compact design, the electric drum also helps to move and relocate easily and quickly. You can easily play the Roland TD-50KVX electric drum in your small room or show off your talent with the Roland TD-4KV drum on the small stage.

#5. Play a variety of music

Play a variety of music
Play a variety of music

Electronic drums are used by manufacturers with many new technologies and are constantly upgraded by experts and researchers. Drums can simulate sounds increasingly similar to jazz drum kits.

You can easily switch between different genres of music. From wedding, music covers to powerful rock songs, or the sounds of congas, piano, guitar, and timpani instruments. Even the sound of gongs, clapping hands, sirens, etc. are also lifelike.

Moreover, some electronic drum lines now have built-in practice exercises. Combined with drums that can be sampled from other MIDI devices, it gives learners a variety of samples.

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Above are our shares about How do Electronic Drums Work. Hope they will be of help to you. Become a professional electronic drummer.

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