12 Most Popular And Easiest Songs To Play On Drums- 2022

By JohnPascuzzi

We’re all guilty of thinking, “I could do that,” while seeing a drummer perform live. After all, all it involves is poking objects with a stick and stepping on the pedal. The degree of coordination required for musical performance could surprise novices and drum beginners. Drums are the driving beat at the center of every genre and are incredibly simple to learn, whether you’re listening to a thrash metal band cranking out the blast beats or a calm jazz rhythm that takes your fancy. In reality, you can learn a ton ofsimple drum melodies for beginners very quickly learning from the songs that are easy to play on drums. The fast-track to feeling is here, so be ready to impress your pals and advance your musical achievements.

Should I Drum?

Should I Drum
Should I Drum

There are a few things you pick up very fast when you initially decide to enter the realm of drumming. First of all, they are really noisy. Like, it’s too loud for an apartment. Because of this, we usually advise learning on an electric kit before moving on to other things. The masters of the sound, the legendary Roland, are best known for their top-notch drum machines like the TR-808 (did someone say iconic?). But in addition to producing some of the best electric kits available, the business also effectively invented the distinctive hip-hop street sound.

With audio jacks and customized EQs, modern developments like the V-Drum Acoustic Design combine the look and feel of conventional kits with crisp sound. We’re telling you, the ability to reduce excessive noise will keep your neighbors happy and the project moving forward.

You’ll also note that superb drumming isn’t solely about Tempo. Some songs that you may have believed were straightforward actually have intricate fills and movements, but the opposite is also true. Finding tunes with a steady drum beat and few complex fills is important if you want to learn a song quickly. Additionally, try to aim for a song with a beat rate of between 80 and 120 per minute. If the pace is too sluggish or too rapid, you risk becoming bored or unable to keep up.

However, letting loose is by far the most important lesson you’ll pick up along the way. Slapping the sticks together on a brand-new pair of skins is about as primitive and enjoyable as music gets, whether you are an excellent drummer or have never sat behind a drum kit before. Have a rage issue? Use the kit to smash it. Need to work out? Sweat it out with the sticks. Having issues with the other sex? Drummers naturally have good hand-eye coordination. You see what I mean.

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12 Most Popular And Easiest Songs To Play On Drums

1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Tempo: 118 BPM

Billie Jean, arguably MJ’s most well-known song, begins with a recognizable drum rhythm. Even though this one will stick in your mind, it’s not as difficult as you may expect. The drum line is rather simple, with a mix of 16th notes on the hi-hats and half and full notes on the snare and bass drum. Even better, Billie Jean’s 118 BPM and simple 4/4 time signature put it exactly in the sweet spot for beginning musicians. You’ve pretty much got it down when you hit the bass drum on the first count and the snare drum on the third. Sound difficult? Relax; if you’ve ever moved your foot to the beat of music, you’ve already nailed 16th notes and 4/4 time signatures. Not even the ability to read music or keep time are required. We’re telling you: add a little Michael Jackson to the mix if you want to get the crowd going. It consistently works out well.

2. Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

Tempo: 105 BPM

Although Wake Me Up When September Ends is a simple drum song to start your percussion career, Green Day is well renowned for its easy to follow instrumental lines (we’ve all heard a beginner guitarist belt out Time Of Your Life). The song’s beginning features virtually little drumming, but when the crucial snare and bass drum beat enters, the song starts to come together. An excellent instance of how a powerful song can be created with just two drums.

3. Honky Tonk Woman by The Rolling Stones

Speed: 121 BPM

You must include at least one Rolling Stones song in your playlist of simple tracks to drum to. In Honky Tonk Woman, Charlie Watts, a maestro of straightforward drumming with a purpose, really allows the guitars take the lead. Even the most inexperienced musicians will be able to play this since it combines a straightforward rock groove with a jazz-inspired fill on the snare and tom. You’ll hold off and aim for the 3& and 4& timings rather than concentrating on hitting the snare on the 3 and 4 notes. Tricky material.

4. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Tempo: 120 BPM

Meg White used to draw criticism for her basic drumming technique, but it’s a great place for novices to start and is a lot of fun to play. The grove with Seven Nation Army is as simple as it gets, but it still works flawlessly. You’ll quickly be able to learn this one because it focuses mostly on a steady bass drum beat throughout the verses and develops into a typical 4/4 rock beat.

5. Livin On a Prayer by Bon Jovi 

Livin On a Prayer by Bon Jovi 
Livin On a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Tempo: 123BPM

The fifth song on our list of 10 simple drum tracks you can learn in 10 minutes is Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” The drumming is as simple as pie, as it is with a lot of the best 80s rock and metal, and Livin’ On a Prayer by Bon Jovi is a prime example of this. It is a fantastic choice for beginning players because it includes a potent but simple drumline. As you need to play the kick drum, hi-hat, and snare along with a few fills, the introduction and verses flow easily. There may be a few beats in the chorus and middle section that seem complicated, but even this section is straightforward because the basic rhythm is maintained and there are a few beautiful cymbal kicks.

6. Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Tempo: 117 BPM

Are you an AC/DC fan? You do; after all, everyone does. The Australian rockers have released timeless songs that are as easy to remember as they are renowned. The drum groove for Highway to Hell has a recognizable simple style. You’ll be able to finish this in five minutes, disregarding the 10-minute time constraint. Phil Rudd’s performance is characterized by simple fills and beats that mostly feature bass drum and snare drum combinations. Highway to Hell is a great choice if you want to learn how to play an instantly recognizable song. Bonus point: You can probably play all of the AC/DC songs if you can play just one of them.

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7. Come As You Are by Nirvana

Tempo: 117 BPM

This song played a significant role in the band Nirvana becoming well-known around the world thanks to the album Nevermind. One of the first songs new guitar players learn when they pick up the instrument is frequently Come As You Are, which is also a very simple drum song for beginners. Contrary to his later, more complicated work, Dave Grohl didn’t go overboard with this one. There are basically two primary sections, with the verses relying primarily on the standard set-up of a bass drum, snare, and ride cymbal. The chorus, which also has tom-toms, is a little trickier, but the change is simple as pie. The best part is that after you master this,

With the other shred-lords in your life, you may start jamming.

8. Starlight by Muse 

Starlight by Muse 
Starlight by Muse

Tempo: 122BPM

One of those bands that knows precisely when to turn it up loud and when to keep it low-key is Muse. Dominic Howard, the drummer for Starlight, plays things relatively safe by choosing a catchy yet straightforward drum pattern. Similar to the other common rock beats on our list, Starlight uses the conventional hi-hat work in the eighth note and adds a few extra snare notes to spice things up. We’re confident you’ll grasp the gist of this one in no time, even though it might take you a bit longer to get the feel of it. The good news is that the chorus is even simpler than the previous half, and the verse and pre-chorus are nearly identical.

9. Last Nite by The Strokes

Speed: 104 BPM

Last Nite by The Strokes, which is undoubtedly one of the quicker songs on this list, could be difficult for beginners to play. But it’s a fairly straightforward groove, which becomes much more apparent after the introductory phrase is removed; suddenly, everything becomes much simpler. Even the jazzy beginning is simpler than it would seem. You enter by hitting the snare twice quickly and closing the hi-hat. Always remember that it’s ideal to begin at a gentle pace and increase it!

10. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

Rhythm: 110 BPM

The song Another One Bites the Dust has a lot going for it. Fantastic voices, outstanding bass lines, and a steady drum beat to keep everything in check. Keeping things straightforward was the best move in this situation because every error stands out in a song with such minimal backing. Straight 8th notes on the hi-hat, 2 and 4 notes on the snare, and finally 1 and 3 notes on the bass drum make up the tune.

We’re going to dive right into fills for this one. While the second break will require you to be a little more synchronized with your use of the hi-hat, the first break is just a straightforward series of eighth notes on the snare. Get it down, and you’ll be successful.

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11. We Will Rock You By Queen 

We Will Rock You By Queen 
We Will Rock You By Queen

Tempo: 81 BPM

“We Will Rock You” by Queen, one of the most well-known songs of all time, everyone will be singing and drumming along to this tune. Despite being on this list of songs about drums, this track is drum-free. The “percussion” produces the well-known “boom, boom, schmack” sound by stomping and clapping. This music immediately transports me to a sporting event, especially a baseball game as the home team prepares to bat!

Practically anyone can learn the beat of “We Will Rock You” because it is so basic. It is suitable for any age because it features a number of musical aspects that are wonderful to start learning from day one. Eighth notes and quarter notes make up the groove. This is ideal for practicing keeping a constant rhythm over time without accelerating or decelerating. The “backbeat,” often known as the flams played on beats 2 and 4, is crucial to the song’s structure. Flams are two notes played very closely one after the other, typically on one drum. One of the three most fundamental rudiments!. One of the few tracks where the toms are a key component of the groove. The toms are typically employed in drum fills as an effect. We Will Rock You does not! In this song, the toms are a mainstay and are necessary to generate those resonant “boom, boom” noises before the “schmack” of the snare.

12. Come Together By The Beatles

Tempo: 81 BPM

Any music lovers out there must have known it was only a matter of time before this man appeared on this list, right? One of the most influential rock drummers of all time, if not the most, is Ringo Starr. Although he won’t be playing with Dream Theater because he isn’t the most technically adept drummer, his feel, style, and capacity to write the ideal part are unsurpassed. A prime example of this is the song “Come Together.”

Electric vs. Acoustic Drum Kits 

Electric vs. Acoustic Drum Kits
Electric vs. Acoustic Drum Kits

No one is born with the bones to succeed as a drummer, let’s face it. They are not necessarily coordinated, though (or lack thereof). The lack of space and a few neighbors who don’t want to hear them practice are the only things holding back the majority of people from getting behind the kit, not a lack of space. Electric drum kits are superior in that regard. In contrast to acoustic kits, the electric kind enables you to muffle outside noise and perform solely for yourself. This implies you won’t have any irate neighbors and roommates on your case.

However, until recently, electric kits didn’t seem to appeal to as many people. With its V-Drums Acoustic Design, Roland combines its industry-leading digital percussion technology with the tangible presence of acoustic drums. With this collection of electric magic, you receive a premium acoustic drum kit’s realistic appearance and finely crafted details, like full-size wood shells and cymbals, lovely wraps, and superior chrome hardware. Even better, these kits generate a full, engrossing sound and an organic reaction that motivates you to explore further. The tension and rebound of Roland’s mesh drum heads may be changed, much like with acoustic drums. You may actually choose from a variety of sounds to make yourself sound like any drummer. Do you desire the John Bonham sound? You name it. With the convenience and use of an electric kit, V-Drums Acoustic Design creates an undeniably acoustic vibe.

Roland has everything you need if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the drums but weren’t sure where to begin. Electric drums that resemble acoustic drums in appearance, sound, and performance? That’s unbeatable.

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Common FAQs About Songs To Play On Drums

#1. What song is the simplest to play on the drums?

The majority of popular music is simple enough for beginners to understand when it comes to simple drum melodies. Simple drum tunes include those by Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, and The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

#2.The best drums for beginners are which ones?

Always advise beginners to choose an option that is straightforward and simple to set up. While choosing a used acoustic rock setup is typically the best option, you could always choose an electric kit to make sure that your neighbors aren’t overly bothered by the practicing noise. The Roland V Drums Acoustic Design kits are advised. They have an option to play quietly while having an acoustic appearance.

#3.Does a beginner’s electronic drum set work well?

High-quality electronic drum kits come with a headphone jack and can be further muffled with noise-cancelling pedals and drum sound isolation boards. They are therefore the perfect option for beginners practicing in shared housing.

Does a beginner's electronic drum set work well
Does a beginner’s electronic drum set work well

Wrap up

The songs in this article are excellent for beginners just getting started on the drums. They are undoubtedly well-known to you because you have heard them frequently. You can drum along with them more easily because of this.

Playing music you enjoy while learning to play the drums is a terrific idea, as is experimenting with other musical genres.

Therefore, if you combine the tunes we’ve recommended with your personal favorites, you’ll have a wonderful introduction to drumming.

Make that the following conditions are met when performing your first few songs:

Not too quickly – slower music is simpler to drum to.

Not too difficult – Stick to tunes with simple fills and uncomplicated, straight rhythms.

Only Use only one kick drum pedal – Double bass drumming is difficult and not recommended for beginners in many metal tunes. Before moving on to more complicated kick patterns, master the fundamentals of a single kick pedal and the hi-hat.

Good luck to your next Journey of Art.

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