Top 10 Easy Double Bass Songs For Beginners? [ Update 2022]

By JohnPascuzzi

Many people have never heard of double bass drumming, while many others do. You have to admit that it sounds quite great when the kick drum drives a tune, whether you play double bass or not.

Many claim that playing the double bass drums has a high entry barrier, making it challenging to learn and master. However, with perseverance and devotion, you might soon be playing quick double bass rhythms.

There are actually a few easy double bass songs to get you started. We’ll go through a few of them now.

What Makes A Great Double Bass Song For Beginners?

The double pedal is used to enhance the music in a fantastic double bass song. Playing double bass would ruin many tunes and give the impression that you were playing too much, in many cases. Great double bass music necessitates and benefits from that sound.

If the drummer only uses one pedal, even a brilliant double bass tune will sound incomplete. There are many wonderful double bass songs, and the most of them are from metal bands.

10 Wonderful Double Bass Songs For Beginners

1. Overkill – Motorhead 

Overkill – Motorhead 
Overkill – Motorhead

In the 1970s, Motorhead was a leading thrash band. Their songs were all quick and heavy, which helped them become well-known in the early metal scene. You can listen to a lot of Motorhead songs if you want to practice double pedal playing.

Overkill is one of the simplest games to play. For the majority of the song, a double pedal groove is present. It’s excellent for increasing your endurance because it’s repetitious. Thank goodness, the pace isn’t too quick either.

The hands play a typical 8th note driving pattern with snares on every offbeat while the feet play 16th notes in the groove.

2. Shepherd Of Fire – Avenged Sevenfold

One of the most recognizable metal drummers of the early 2000s was Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. He tragically passed away in 2009. All subsequent drummers who have performed with Avenged Sevenfold have tried their best to complement the band as well as The Rev did, yet his grooves continue to be felt.

Arin Ilejay served as the track’s drummer. He composed the song’s drum section, which is fortunately not too difficult for a double bass novice to play. 16th note bursts in the drum part are a fantastic practice for rapid bass patterns.

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3. Ben Threw – Of Mice And Men

Ben Threw - Of Mice And Men
Ben Threw – Of Mice And Men

This song will unquestionably be among the heaviest on this list. It is a hardcore track to play along with because of the distorted guitar part and the shouting vocals. Of Mice & Men is an excellent band to get into if you like screamo music.

This song’s drum part changes throughout the song. To master the various sections, you’ll need to practice them. The introduction is the trickiest section since the double pedal bass rhythm echoes the guitar.

The drums then launch into a hard-hitting 16th note groove.

4. My Life For Hire – A Day To Remember

One of the simplest songs on our list to play is My Life for Hire by A Day To Remember. The song needs the double bass beat to stay driving. On your feet, nevertheless, it’s rather peaceful because the tempo isn’t quick.

It’s a great song for practicing slow double pedaling while jamming out.

5. Fuel – Metallica

Whether you like Lars Ulrich or not, he has created some incredible drum parts. Fortunately, they aren’t overly difficult to learn. The double bass pattern with flams on the backbeats is played by Lars at a precise point in this song.

Because it blends seamlessly into the tune, it is really effective. Simple 16th notes on the bass drum and flams on the snare on beats two and four are all that are required to perform it.

6. The Four Horseman – Metallica 

The Four Horseman by Metallica is a wonderful tune to practice double pedal triplets, to stay with the band. The tune moves along rather quickly, and every bar will require you to perform triplets. It is simple to learn but challenging to master.

You’ll be able to employ your triplet playing talents in harder songs from various metal bands once you’ve nailed this rhythm. To perfect your pedal technique, be careful to practice this very slowly.

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7. Down With The Sickness – Disturbed 

The vocalist’s noise shortly before the music begins to play following the intro is one of the reasons this song is well-known. Many people adore this song because it is so timeless. While the double pedal element of the song begins a little later in the song, the drum opening is a lot of fun to perform.

The offbeat snare near the bar’s finish is what makes this drum part intriguing. You’ll need to concentrate on the double pedal pattern as well, so it may take some getting accustomed to.

8. Domination – Pantera

Domination – Pantera
Domination – Pantera

Returning to more traditional metal music, Pantera has some absolutely killer songs. Domination features some intricate drum parts. However, learning them is not insurmountably difficult for beginners.

The chorus is where the song’s major theme is found, and all that is required of you to play on the bass drum at the beginning of each bar is a group of four 16th notes. Only the hi-hat and snare drum’s quarter notes are used to fill the remaining space.

This song will also assist you in honing your fast bursts on the pedals. Playing is a ton of fun!

9. Go Into The Water – Dethklok 

The last track on the list will put your endurance and double-pedal skills to the test. It is mostly centered on triplets and has a low BPM. Because of the song’s sluggish tempo and challenging triplet playing, it’s a fantastic song for drummers to practice their techniques.

The actual pattern is pretty simple to play. To feel at ease when playing the music, it simply needs a little practice. The rest of the song is simple to perform after you get the entrance down.

This and other songs by Dethklok are fantastic for double pedal drumming and may be played along with.

10. Angel Of Death – Slayer 

Angel Of Death - Slayer
Angel Of Death – Slayer

The first track on the 1986 release Reign in Blood was the song “Angel of Death.” The album significantly influenced metal music. During the start of this well-known song, Tom Araya screams. The drumming of Dave Lombardo elevated this album to a new level. One of the pioneers of double bass drumming in metal music is Lombardo. His audience has always praised his talent and enthusiasm.

The song’s quick riffs and double bass pounding undoubtedly changed the face of thrash metal. Metal enthusiasts will enjoy the erratic music. The album also features a well-known double bass drum solo.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Double Bass Songs 

#1. Is playing the double bass simple?

The double bass is a challenging instrument that expects its performer to possess strength, endurance, and good technique. As the foundation of the orchestra, musical and rhythmic correctness is crucial to the overall success and necessitates a lot of repetition and practice.

#2. Is learning the double bass worthwhile?

Is learning the double bass worthwhile
Is learning the double bass worthwhile

The double bass is a beautiful instrument to learn to play. You can pursue a wide range of opportunities as a double bass musician. The double bass is a common instrument not only in orchestral music but also in jazz and big band music.

#3. What Songs With Double Bass Are The Most Famous?

The most well-known double bass tracks, as previously said, are performed by metal bands. Bleed by Meshuggah is one of the most well-known. Due to the intricate drum part played by Tomas Haake, it has recently become a meme. If you haven’t heard it, you should do so right away.

Hot For Teacher by Van Halen, One by Metallica, and Cowboys from Hell by Pantera are a few additional well-known double pedal tunes. The drum parts in each of these tunes are instantly recognizable and famous.

#4. What Jazz Songs With Double Bass Are The Best?

Jazz is the one genre of music in which a double bass drum pedal is almost never used. Jazz drummers tend to focus more on the cymbals, thus quick notes and a hefty bottom end are not necessary for the drum parts.

Jazz would sound completely out of place if a double pedal were performed. Some fusion songs, though, feature drummers that push the envelope by employing quick double bass patterns. However, you would have to look far and wide to find those songs.

#5. Which Double Bass Drummers Are The Best?

On this list, metal drummers will predominate. drummers like Matt Gartska, Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, and Tomas Haake. Where they originated, there are hundreds more.

In order to serve the music as best you can as a metal drummer, mastering the double pedal is essential. Therefore, the best double pedal players are frequently regarded as the best metal drummers.

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Not every drummer will experiment with double bass playing. You are not required to take that route if you choose not to. It isn’t necessary for most music. However, We hope these easy double bass songs may be a lot of fun and will open up new possibilities for creative expression.

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