11+ Of The Best Drumming Quotes From Prominent Drummers!

By JohnPascuzzi

Drummers are incredibly wise. It may be incredibly motivating to read some of the quotes made famous by the greatest people of our time as they left their mark on history.

Here are some of all-time favorite renowned and illustrious drumming quotes from them.

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl

“I adore playing the drums. Everyone believes you are a moron. They don’t realize that their band would be terrible without you.” – Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl has a very diverse outlook on music as the drummer for Nirvana, the lead singer of Foo Fighters, and a collaborator and member of numerous other bands.

This quotation dispels a common misconception about drummers and emphasizes the importance of the drummer as a band member.

Neil Peart

“Stamina is the force that drives the drumming; it’s not really a sprint.” Neal Peart

Most people considered the late drummer Neil Peart to be among the best in the world.

He was the renowned Rush drummer, and he undoubtedly understood a thing or two about playing beautifully to the music as well as technically.

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Tony Williams

Tony Williams
Tony Williams

“Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play music, to play with people for others to listen to, that’s something else. That’s a whole other world.” – Tony Williams

One of the crucial bits of advise that any drummer should hear came from Tony Williams.

The actual skill may be demonstrated by being able to play to the music and be able to contribute in a way that improves the music to the best of your ability. Amateur musicians frequently try to show off with their abilities and chops.

A band should create something that is superior to the sum of its parts.

Buddy Rich

“You can only improve by playing. You probably do stink if you think you stink. In every aspect, I view every drummer who has come before me as an influence.” – Buddy Rich

Numerous shortlists for the greatest drummer in history include Buddy Rich.

Nevertheless, he was renowned for criticizing people harshly and speaking to the point. So you can be sure that anything comes from Buddy Rich won’t be sugarcoated!

This quote really resonates. Every drummer needs to practice regularly. Never accept your current level of ability. You can constantly improve.

He also has a famous quote: “A good drummer makes a average band sound terrific; a average drummer makes a great band sound mediocre.” 

For us drummers, this is a rather self-indulgent quote. We frequently hear it and are aware of it. Drums are typically the first instrument we hear and see, whether it’s on the radio or at a live concert.

It can be challenging to overcome this bias, but doing so is necessary to improve our ability to view all types of music objectively and benefit those around us as well as ourselves.

Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland
Stewart Copeland

“Drummers shouldn’t limit their identity to being drummers. If you want to be a musician, broaden your horizons, create things, and experiment with other instruments. Steven Copeland

What a great quotation. Drummers are missing out on a vast array of musical inventiveness if they solely restrict themselves to drums and rhythm.

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John Bonham

“The only thing I was ever excellent at was drumming.” – Bonham John

One of the most famous drummers to ever pick up a set of sticks was John Bonham, the drummer for Led Zeppelin.

This statement may provide some insight into why he was so talented. He put all of his attention into honing his drumming technique. While simultaneously attempting other things, he gave the art of drumming his best go.

This, in our opinion, is what has led people to success in a variety of professions, including music.

Chad Smith

“Each drum has a certain location where it sounds best, ring out, and resonates, and the head surface isn’t too loose or tight, mostly so you get a decent rebound off of the head.” – Chad Smith

Here’s a terrific remark from Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith concerning drum tuning and sound, two essential elements that many beginning drummers overlook because they find it too challenging.

The overall sound of your drums, and consequently, your drumming performances and recordings, can be greatly enhanced by paying close attention to their sound and making every effort to improve it.

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr

“Drumming is my middle name.” Ringo Starr

The drummer for the Beatles, Ringo Starr, is incredibly passionate about both music and drumming. Both in his live performances and those timeless recordings, this is audible.

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Dave Grhol

I taught myself how to play the drums and the guitar, and I kind of faked playing both instruments. But for me, drumming feels better and comes more naturally. David Grhol

Here, Dave Grohl has another crucial nugget of knowledge to impart. You should be eager to take the initiative to develop your own playing skills. Even if you are pursuing formal music study, this is still true.

He argues in a fantastic video posted online that musicians should collaborate and enjoy the process, regardless of how inept they are at performing. That is the purpose of music.

The way Dave Grohl, one of the most well-known, famous, and adored artists in the world, describes how he “faked” playing these is quite intriguing. It appears as though he experienced imposter syndrome. If someone as incredible as Dave Grohl believes that, then perhaps that will help everyone see things more clearly and inspire confidence!

Tommy Lee

“Drumming is quite physical. We receive a beating like a workhorse while we sit at the rear of the stage.” –  Thomas Lee

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, who plays drums, emphasizes the physical demands placed on drummers during a lengthy concert.

Nelson Peart

Nelson Peart
Nelson Peart

“The bass-drum pedal, which Mr. Ludwig created, is what made the drum set posible.” Neal Peart

Acoustic drum sets are now typically configured in a certain way. We assume that to be true. 

However, it’s enjoyable to recall a time when a bass drum pedal was introduced as a fresh and original concept.

This can also provide us the opportunity to consider how we might modify and personalize our own drum sets in order to make them stand out from the crowd.


Reading these famous drumming quotes from respectable and prominent drummers might be relaxing at times. You may definitely pick up some tips from these seasoned drummers by listening to their advice.

Even one or two lines can alter your perspective, excite you, or influence how you approach your drumming.

Please add any other drumming quotes you believe should be included in the list below in the comment area.

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